Couch Party Game Night

The one and only casual to competitive 4 player local splitscreen multiplayer
throwback with gameplay metas corporate AAA studios only dream about


What's next for CPGN?

The CPGN Kickstarter determined where we take player feedback from now on. We will no longer consider changes to the game from anyone outside of verified players who are NOT anonymous sabotaging losers with nothing better to do with their poopoo covered lives.

The road to version 1.0 of CPGN includes..

Vehicle Mechanics
- break through walls and push objects
- use as weapons to damage players

Racing Modes
- disables dome, enables large generated tracks
- destruction derby style rounds with damage

Controllable NPC teammates
- improving custom enemy Ai already in game
- 4 teams of 2 (1 player 1 NPC to command)

Shotgun & Mechanics
- adding to custom bullet physics already in game
- accurate mechanics matching quality there now

Helicopter Physics
- adding custom physics to movement already in game
- matching movement mechanics of vehicles there now

Zombie Hordes PVE Modes
- improving custom enemy Ai already in game
- 4 player co-op against woke zombie hordes


Goodbye Social Media (fake manipulation bot farms) 2024 04 30

CPGN had 800 followers on X, 430 followers on FB, and 0 people saw our posts.

FB and X continue to make themselves irrelevant by limiting independent voices and we will no longer be a part of that. So please follow our Steam page or bookmark this website if you'd like further updates! We're done there.

Funny story.. in 2019, after discovering we were being targeted by anti-white anti-asian commies, our total following dropped by about 15,000. I know for a fact now, most of the video games industry is being used for money laundering.

Just look at all the new releases daily and try to go just 1 page without asking yourself "who's buying this crap" because the answer is: no one and it doesn't matter, it's ML.

All I wanted to do with CPGN is create a game that brings people together for a good time with friends and family.

How strange it is to discover what an "offense" that is to these creatures.


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