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Battlefield 1 and now Battlefield V

When I heard about people shitting on the new Battlefield, my first thought was.. "Why can't we just pick our own player models?" ..and, then I watched the trailer.

This video pretty much sums up my reaction. Especially the lines.. "No one's going to play this game because at the end of the day, SJWs don't buy games. They don't even like, or play video games at all. Nope, SJWs are just culture vultures, who try to invade popular spaces with their fucked up communist politics." ..which is dead accurate.

But I tweeted any way.. "You can choose between 100s of skins and attachments, for 100s of weapons, but you can't choose your player model. If the game's not about authenticity (as EA says), then.. what's the reason?" ..and, nothing. It was clear a solution is not what anyone wanted to hear.

They know it's not about women. It's not a mistake they're looking to fix or compromise with, so what is it? An agenda.

People purposely misinterpreting the argument is what Social Justice Warriors do best. They're always the biggest creeps and scumbags, worse than anything they claim to be "fighting for" ..which is just further proof that it's an agenda, really.

I mainly wrote this post because Twitter disabled my favorites feed. So fuck them, and here's what I favorited..

black german women dab trash culture

rewriting history

accurate true logic

A female wrote that last 1. Listen..

People who don't want women in their games do not exist. It's a boogyman created by SJWs so they can make lame talking points and push the agenda of turning everything into a SJW trash pit. 300 pound chodes in wheelchairs, medics tossing dildos & anti-depressants, a bugmen class equipped with soylent grenades, frail vegans somehow upper cutting heads off.. that's where it's headed. It's what they do.

BF4 had a great leading female character in the campaign. You know why people didn't complain then? Because it wasn't ridiculous.

Bottom line.. 99% of the world is FUCKING SICK OF these 1% lunatics eating their own shit, ruining everything they touch, and then calling everyone racist, sexist, blah blah blah, when we say to them what their Mommy and Daddy never did..



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