logitech Couch Party Game Night


Manual (guide, setup, controls)

Graphics quality should be ok for the average PC at the Normal Setting but if you have less than 4GB of memory, or an older graphics card, I'd recommend setting it lower.


Mouse & Keyboard, controls..

Not enough joysticks / gamepads? Take control of 1 of the players with your mouse and keyboard. In-game (on the keyboard), press the top row number of the player you want to take control of.

- Pause / Quit: Escape
- Unpause / Continue: Tab

- Controls: 1 2 3 4
- Control Release: 5
- Cameras: F1 F2 F3 F4
- Camera Release: F5

- Move: W S A D
- Fire: Mouse 1
- Aim: Mouse 2
- Jump: Space
- Run: Left Shift
- Gun Down: Scroll Down
- Gun Up: Scroll Up

- Capture Screenshot: F12
- Capture 5 Sec Video: F11
- Cancel Video Cap: F10

- Volume 0%: Numpad 0
- Volume 25%: Numpad 1
- Volume 50%: Numpad 2
- Volume 75%: Numpad 3
- Volume 100%: Numpad .


Joysticks do not have defaults and must be set in the Input Tab before playing. Anything you see with "p#" is a joystick input. Everything else is Mouse and is already set.

You may have to go into Steam and turn off some things so Windows can talk to your controllers directly. Go to.. Settings > Controller > General Controller Settings.. then uncheck everything.

- Set all 4 joystick players, as every one registers differently. It's a pain in the ass for now, but you'll only have to do it once. I will be adding something later on to configure in-game with auto prompts.

Once at the Main Menu, press "jump" on your controller to see which screen is yours.


That's it. Game on!


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