Couch Party Game Night

The one and only retro competitive eSports grade 4 player local splitscreen
multiplayer with gameplay mechanics years ahead of AAA shooters!



Changelog (date / smallest to biggest)
2022 01 15
- added text effect to flash along with every emptyClip tick sound
- added text under points display to show you have the Murder Ball
- adjusted controller sensitivities for highs & lows to most used
- changed Murder Ball icon from a ball to a more "targeted" look
- changed game timer to double its size for last 10 second counts
- fixed FreeCam sometimes not freezing player gravity in mid-air
- fixed being able to move a player assigned to MnKB with gamepad
- fixed countdown text between helicopter swaps staying 2x size
- fixed janky movement on Murder Ball holding & brightened color
- fixed rare GamePad vs MouseKeyboard glitch that started wacky
- fixed smoke grenades counting as shotsFired as they dont do dmg
- removed 2nd "game over" from end sequence for cleaner scoreboard
- requested: explosv dmg back to counting as shotsHit for accuracy

2022 01 07
- adjusted PB ballCam timing movement & position for seamless execution
- adjusted shadows to be a little cleaner & much lighter on gfx memory
- fixed slight differences in controller sensitivities for 4K/120 setups
- requested: using old handicap methods (KDRs < 1.0 boost, > 3.0 delay)
-- changed Murder Ball to give a point every 10 seconds instead of 5

2021 12 24
- changed distance to detect pickups for money and ammo to 2x its size
- changed time to pick up money and ammo drops from 1 to 2.5 minutes
- disabled being able to go away for 1v1 games (pointless, just pause)
- fixed heli swaps bringing a player back automatically from being away
- fixed players sometimes spawning into the void when their buddy's away
-- Bots & Helz mode now displays an alert when switching to helicopters
--- added new "Murder Ball" game mode (every 5s holding gives a point)

2021 12 17
- BRB screens now count & display how long that player's been taking a dump
- changed corpse models to stay an extra 5 seconds after dyn player respawns
- changed graphics presets to only 3 tiers (bare ass, normal, maximum butter)
- orbs AI now auto remove themselves if overlapping with other orbs near by
- player check marks now visible for DM to make their usage more obvious
-- testing: orbs AI can now kill you kamikaze style (plus a 1p mode test)

2021 12 10
- changed handicaps to never apply more than 5 sec of respawn to time sensitive matches
- moved 10 sec respawns from Team Games to handicap KDRs over 3 with half of Score To Win
- player color selections now fully unfold so no one has to scroll to find what they want
-- added a FreeCam photo mode to capture "bullet time" pics & vidz (press F6, use KBM)

2021 12 03
- fixed not being able to cancel ballCams for players that switched to mouse & keyboard controls
- trees now have inner transparent graphics for when Ball and Final Kill Cams pass through them
-- changed handicap boosters to only apply to players with less than half of Score To Win points
-- updated buddy tracking sys icons with fading distance indicators (far is dull, close is bright)
--- Buddy Spawns now check if enemy team near (if so, spawns to safety. if not, spawns on buddy)

2021 11 29
- changed default startup weapons to Lightgun Retros (rocket launcher, pistol, smoke grenade)
- removed unused toggle to turn off special abilities (ballCams & superJumps) for PB & LT guns
- switching back from Predator Mode now reloads the default recommended settings for other modes
-- added the ability to cancel / disable Ball Cams mid-flight by pressing Gear Use a 2nd time
-- changed explosives to act as a concussion effect when behind walls or cover (does 0 damage)

2021 11 24
- added menu logic switches for certain items
- added player colors to BRB info screen texts
-- handicap help now does double damage too
--- added buddy UI tracking sys for team games

2021 11 15
- moved killstreaks to top and changed display to stay on while streaking 3+
- predator mode now disables ammo drops when active for extra play balancing (only 1 source of ammo for team, but 3 for pred. inf ammo still an option.)
-- added optional Health Regeneration mechanics and fx (config menu toggle)

2021 11 13
- fixed snpr tower platform sensor
- fixed laser gfx sticking to edges
- fixed rare color loading glitch
- particle emitter tweaks
-- added killstreak tracking and texts
-- added a volume-spam damping system

2021 11 06
- changed game timer countdowns to drop the leading zeros if under 1 min (better readability)
- changed laser sights for LT and SS6 to appear on trees while bullets still pass through
- misc tweaks to menus and buttons dealing with map generation timing and visibility
- removed player clipping on window openings so helicopters can fit / fly through

2021 10 31
- changed accuracy rating to include only direct grenade (smoke, hand, and rocket) hits
- changed new final kill cam to just dolly straight back but without tracking flying heads
- fixed respawns triggering twice in heli vs bots mode when dying just before switching
-- fixed players getting stuck on geometry when spawning in to "junk land" map

2021 10 29
- changed render timings of bullets and trails for aiming down sights
- corpses now get cleaned up along with other dropped items in the map
- fixed ammo drops option sometimes not taking in menu config settings
- fixed jittery UFO when setting game to 30 frames per second
-- changed longest killshots to record avg killshot distances instead
-- final kill cam now more cinematic (slow motion backwards dolly)

2021 10 05
- fixed points exploit when switching guns in 1HKs mode

2021 09 10
- fixed 2 gun sets (Snipers Only & Duty Calls) getting stuck holding grenades when gun clips empty
- reverted explosive kill radius back to 5 meters
-- countdown added to extra 5 secs of Buddy Spawn waits

2021 08 28
- raised rate of Duty Calls auto damage from 10 to 25 so that it now takes only 4 shots to kill instead of 10
-- One Hit Kills enabled for Real Guns & Lightgun Retros (keeps balance by points based on gun used to kill)

2021 07 31
- adjusted grenades only ammo count to 150
- readjusted graphics level presets

2021 06 29
- balcony pieces added to "base camp" buildings
- platforms now stay up / closed when player near by
-- new generators and dense new test map "random"

2021 05 24
- fixed aim-throw grenade flashing for pairs
- fixed reload amount glitch for ammo pickups
- orbs line of sight now blocked by trees
-- added Predator Mode specific point messages
-- changed 2v2 buddy spawns from 5 to 10 secs

2021 05 22
- fixed visual grenade glitch with reloads
- increased UFO climb speed for dropping orbs
- new crosshairs and flash for paired gun sets
-- new mode: Duty Calls (autos and nades)

2021 05 16
- changed corpse stay time from 5 to 10 seconds
- fixed heli muzzle flashes for grenade shots
- fixed heli smokes not firing for grenades only
- fixed reload clip amounts getting shorted
-- heli collision model now includes gun mounts

2021 05 09
- new textures: cinder blocks, dirt, lab walls
- testing: junkland map with new random types
- testing: tree physics / bullet passing
-- new mode: Snipers Only (with smokes)

2021 04 16
- changed smoke grenade tracers to streamers
- changed tracers for rockets to transp smoke
- misc texture adjustments and code polishing
-- requested: Grenades Only a permanent mode

2021 04 10
- adjusted UI name color highlightings
- dynLights option now applies to LGR guns set too
- fixed destroyed orbs sometimes ignoring explosive forces
- menu logic for either infinite or dropped ammo
-- changed F11 to take 1 sec burst shots instead of video

2021 03 27
- final kill cam sounds get centered when active
- misc code optimizations for too much to list
-- bonus point ballCam kills now come with applause

2021 03 23
- fixed 3D hit detection flickers
- fixed menu spacing in config page
- optimized particle debris physics
-- changed both hit sound types to metal

2021 03 21
- added 2nd damage sound to relay handiboosts
- ballCam cameras now use fog color settings
- increased range to pick up dropped items
- misc dynamic respawn code optimizations
- vert look range for bots increased to 60d
-- nostalgic sounds added to BRB buttons
-- testing: 3D UI hit source direction arrows
--- ammo drop / pickup mechanic and settings

2021 03 11
- fixed UI sometimes not displaying after death while scoping
- fixed grenade showing in hand when out of ammo or turning to heli
- fixed weapon switch jamming after turning back to bots
- increased all explosives damage radius by 1 meter
- removed bullet drop to NZ to match balance of the RL
-- new handicap config option that gives extra health and ammo to players that drop below a KDR of 1.0
--- respawns now dynamically place you in the safest corner of the map at the time of spawning

2021 02 26
- NZ now has it's own aim sights overlay
- graphical adjustments to all crosshairs
- infinite ammo and one hit kills now always display
- misc texture adjustments to random props
-- testing: Orb AI (up arrow to activate, right to enable line of sight, left and down turn off)


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