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Feb 16, 2019: Update 12

- static deathcams now follow faces instead
- jumping more realistic (no "air walking")
- options to limit frames per second for much better performance and consistency
- you can also adjust graphics quality in-game. use home / end, page up / down, on keyboard.
- option to set controller sensitivities
- changed joystick identifier to an image

Check if this is ok. We want to start adding new map types and game modes!


Feb 10, 2019: Update 11

- ballcams are now a trigger, kills with ballcams are worth 2 points, and ballcams restock with "out of ammo"
- when "infinite ammo" and "ball cams" are both on, ballcams restock at 5 seconds
- option to disable use of ballcams
- disabling "head cams" option now causes deathcam to follow player who shot you
- cleaned and re-adjusted sounds

Don't forget to set a button for the new "use_gear" triggers! I put them at the bottom of the "input" tab list. The little dot next to your ammo is the ballcam indicator. There's no point penalty for using it.


Jan 27, 2019

We're getting some mixed feedback on what the next update should be. If you'd like to help us decide, please send us an Email.

Choices are..
- Teams / 2 VS 2 Mode
- Controller Sensitivities
- Players VS Bots
- Single Player Targets
- Laser Tag Mode
- More Sounds

Progress on the War Games update is at a good 50% but based on feedback I think it's best to hold off until we know which direction to go in. We're all very limited on time and have yet to generate enough revenue to expand the team, so, we'll have to continue to do things 1 at a time.

So glad you guys are having fun with the game! Stay tuned for more!


Jan 8, 2019: Update 10

- added cones to warn of spawn protection zones
- fixed muzzle flashes staying on after dying
- slightly improved overall framerate of the game
- 3 channels of audio compression to save your ears
- stopped scoreboard from updating after game over
- fixed camera glitch from dying during ballcam

Now that the game is running well, we're going to start working on new features. Setting controller sensitivities and adding Teams Mode seem to be the top requests.


Nov 8, 2018: Update 9

- fixed "floating muzzle flash" glitch
- fixed formatting issue in scoreboards
- fixed other ballCams on in fullscreen
- cleaned up temporary texts on models
- added a few more objects to randoms
- added button for generating new maps
- added protection against spawn campers
- updated in-game product placements

High Impact Flix
Kevin Kangas


Nov 2, 2018: Update 8

- now available for Linux and Mac
- constrained ballCam orientations
- end of game now displays a scoreboard with performance and statistics info

Last update at this price!


Oct 27, 2018: Update 7

- camera stays active while heads fly off
- option to toggle off headcams if dizzy which will show a static overhead camera instead
- many bug fixes and stability tweaks

YouTube Video


Oct 23, 2018: Update 6

- replaced player models with androids
- paint now spatters before marking
- shot trails now less obstructive
- menu now more cinematic at start
- players now blow apart when out


Oct 18, 2018: Update 5

- option to set One Hit Kills
- option to set Infinite Ammo
- option to set Score To Win
- KD stats display above name
- disabled shooting while out
- now displays who shot you
- sounds for hits and outs


Oct 12, 2018: Update 4

- trails added to paintballs to help with aiming
- you can now aim your gun 45 and center of barrel
- aiming sensitivity lowers to 1 half while aiming
- adjusted the size of screen information texts
- changed the "gun down" action into a hold button
- paintball collisions fixed regardless of framerate
- increased the angles you can shoot from to 45s
- cleaned up naming and ordering of button inputs
- added reminders to the map of what's coming


Oct 9, 2018: Update 3

- added notes to launch screen
- cam time for last shot extended
- choose your own player colors

All known controller issues resolved.


Oct 4, 2018: Update 2

- adjusted controller deadzones and sensitivities which should fix "drifting" issues
- numpad keys now control the games volume: 0 . 1 2 3 (zero max 25% 50% 75%)
- replaced walking and jumping sounds with more subtle and softer recordings
- running out of ammo now causes you to lose 1 point and restocks your gun
- updated the game's manual (on website) to help with configuring controllers

Reloading will work differently in Death Match games. This method is only for Paintball.


Sep 28, 2018: Update 1

- added ability to play in 2 player mode

Click "START 2P" at the bottom of the main menu to activate. Don't forget to configure your controllers from the input tab! See game manual for Configuration / Hidden Controls / Buttons.

Keyboard and mouse against a joystick player ?

In-game, on the keyboard, press the top row number of the player you want to control.


Sep 27, 2018: Go Time!

CPGN has officially launched! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and stories with us! Any feedback is greatly appreciated and will be used to prioritize what gets added to the game next. So far it looks like switching from 4 to 2 players is at the top!


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