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The one and only retro competitive eSports grade 4 player local splitscreen
multiplayer with gameplay mechanics years ahead of AAA shooters!



Jun 30, 2021: Big new map & updates

Let me know if the new test map "random" (bottom of the dropdown) lags anyone's setup because it's the most dense map so far with the most geometry.

Keep pressing the RGM button and it'll randomize even the layout of the maps it makes. Will build on that later, also. On to the change log..

- balcony pieces added to "base camp" buildings
- changed corpse stay time from 5 to 10 seconds
- fixed: aim-throw grenade flashing for pairs
- fixed: heli muzzle flashes for grenade shots
- fixed: heli smokes not firing for grenades only
- fixed: reload amount glitch for ammo pickups
- fixed: reload clip amounts getting shorted
- fixed: visual grenade glitch with reloads
- increased UFO climb speed for dropping orbs
- new crosshairs and flash for paired gun sets
- orbs line of sight now blocked by foliage
- platforms now stay up / closed when player near by
-- added Predator Mode specific point messages
-- changed 2v2 buddy spawns from 5 to 10 secs
-- heli collision model now includes gun mounts
-- new generators and dense new test map "random"
-- new mode: Duty Calls (autos and nades)

The following "test features" from previous updates will now be (based on feedback) permanent parts of the core gameplay mechanics:
- 3D hit detection HUD arrows
- optional ammo drop / pickups
- optional handicap boosters

Still haven't generated enough money to work on this full-time so, it's going pretty slow, but working on a ton of new things I can't wait to show off. Ai bots you can partner with and command, more randomization types, gameplay modes, more everything.

Game is on sale right now until July 8th! Spread the word :)


May 9, 2021: Update 37

2021 05 09 (smallest to biggest changes)..
- new textures: cinder blocks, dirt, lab walls
- testing: junkland map with new random types
- testing: tree physics / bullet passing
-- new mode: snipers only (with smokes)

2021 04 16 (smallest to biggest changes)..
- changed smoke grenade tracers to streamers
- changed tracers for rockets to transp smoke
- misc texture adjustments and code polishing
-- requested: Grenades Only a permanent mode

2021 04 10 (smallest to biggest changes)..
- adjusted UI name color highlightings
- dynLights option now applies to LGR guns set too
- fixed destroyed orbs sometimes ignoring explosive forces
- menu logic for either infinite or dropped ammo
-- changed F11 to take 1 sec burst shots instead of video


Apr 4, 2021: Update 36

2021 03 27 (smallest to biggest changes)..
- bonus point camball kills now come with applause
- final kill cam sounds get centered when active
- misc code optimizations for too much to list

2021 03 23 (smallest to biggest changes)..
- changed both hit sound types to metal
- fixed 3D hit detection flickers
- fixed menu spacing in config page
- optimized particle debri physics

2021 03 21 (smallest to biggest changes)..
- added 2nd damage sound to relay handiboosts
- ballCam cameras now use fog color settings
- increased range to pick up dropped items
- misc dynamic respawn code optimizations
- vert look range for bots increased to 60d
-- nostalgic sounds added to BRB buttons
-- testing: 3D UI hit source direction arrows
--- ammo drop / pickup mechanic and settings

268 gameplay screenshots


Mar 12, 2021: Update 35

As stated previously, I've changed the way patch notes about updates work. They will be updated directly in the game's root folder "updates.txt" files unless it's a larger update or new mechanics.

Here is a list of the updates from that file since Oct 2020..

2021 03 11 (smallest to biggest changes)..
- fixed UI sometimes not displaying after death while scoping
- fixed grenade showing in hand when out of ammo or turning to heli
- fixed weapon switch jamming after turning back to bots
- increased all explosives damage radius by 1 meter
- removed bullet drop to NZ to match balance of the RL
-- new handicap config that gives extra health and ammo to players that drop below a KDR of 1.0
--- respawns now dynamically place you in the safest corner of the map at the time of spawning

2021 02 26 (smallest to biggest changes)..
- NZ now has it's own aim sights overlay
- graphical adjustments to all crosshairs
- infinte ammo and one hit kills now always display
- misc texture adjustments to random props
-- AI testing: up arrow to activate, right to enable line of sight, left and down turn them off

2021 02 11 (smallest to biggest changes)..
- code optimizations to final kill cam
- improvements to LT and RL's laser dots

2021 02 07 (smallest to biggest changes)..
- aim firing with RealGuns & Zappers now show flashes too
-- aiming with rocket launcher now also turns on laser

2021 02 05 (smallest to biggest changes)..
- camballs now follow player if killed during use
-- controls now smooth regardless of framerate

2020 10 18 (smallest to biggest changes)..
- camball camera tweaking
- fixed rocket launcher aim

Also there are 2 new gameplay videos and a bunch of 3D GIF animations on the media page.

In summary of the updates: new Orb Ai co-op testing.. new handicap mechanics.. and new dynamic respawn code! These are the most recent updates from yesterday. Happy Friday!


Feb 13, 2021: Back in Action

After the break, we're back. I'm changing the way updates and patch notes work.

From now on when an update is pushed to Steam, I won't write a post for it unless it's big. Instead, the patch notes / details / changes will be accessible in the game's root "updates.txt" file.

Some of the things requested that we want to start work on:
- iconic game levels from classic games
- mini tanks mode (similar to helicopters)
- a single player target practice mode
- end game player awards
- dropped ammo pickups
- 3 player mode
- handicap settings
- destructible maps
Plus more randomization variation, objects, types of generation, maps, weapons, etc.

It may seem like what's added to the game is random but it's not, we just don't want to add things unless it works with as little bugs as possible.

Remember, NONE of the features / mechanics / models / sounds / gameplay are ever FINAL and this game is still under heavy development solely in our spare time! Think about how drastically it's changed from 2018 to now.

It'd be awesome to work on it full-time, but for now, thanks for sticking around. Stay tuned :)

Load the game up and check out all the changes!


Oct 17, 2020: Update 34

Update 34, 20201017 (smallest to biggest changes)..
- adjusted GR smoke transparency to match bullet puffs
- adjusted bullet tracer fadings to better track dir of shots
- adjusted paint particle transparency to match paint splats
- adjusted some player and weapon model textures
- adjusted the crosshairs for LT guns
- adjusted volume of rockets exploding out of range
- can now set multiple players away / back at once
- changed bot model eyes slightly and its glow
- changed wrong inner wheel vehicle texture map
- fixed camBalls turning off mid-air after aiming down barrel
- fixed glass dome overlapping colored smoke
- fixed heli scope staying on while using PB guns
- fixed laser sight staying on while restocking
- fixed new rocket launcher not tracking accuracy and hits
- fixed occasional flicker on respawns
- fixed rocket launcher now drops on death with other guns
- fixed rockets hitting self when helicopter
- increased sound radius of explosions for stereo pickup
- player names now glow your selected color
- removed helicopters only test mode to avoid confusion
- rocket launcher rate of fire now half while aiming
- spawn protection raised to 900 to deal with explosives
- swapped locations of KDR and Player Names on screen
- testing new "worksite" map type and sliding glass doors
- testing throwable sticky / timed / smoke / impact grenades
-- helicopters now only "focus aim" with zoom
-- movement now gradual like looking for better control
-- new config option: joystick deadzones
--- new weapon set of classic console lightguns


Sep 11, 2020: Zapper

Zapper lightgun added to "RL Test" weapon set, along with the Super Scope.

Smoke grenades added as an alternate throw in the "TG Test" weapons.

Plus many other misc changes / fixes yet to be finalized.

Update live on Steam. Have a good one.


Aug 22, 2020: Testings

I've started to add things to the game in their incompleted states, just to show people what's being worked on. Each item in the menu that's in testing will be marked in front of it with a * character.

- Tossy Grenade
The newest item in testing is TGs. They stick to walls with a 3 second fuse before exploding unless you hit a player directly, which explodes on impact. Secondary function will be an alternate throw.

- Rocket Launcher
The RL has been updated with a 2nd function for better aiming which slows the rate of fire. It's model (view) has also been completed and added to the game. Does it need a scope?

- Worksite Map
New map I'm working on with new kinds of props like automatic sliding glass doors, and more.

Feedback is always welcome! Hop on Steam to update!


Aug 8, 2020: Update 33

The internally dubbed "Quake Mode" is now active in-game..

+ new testing weapon set: rocket launchers
+ also testing new slow motion final kill cam effects
- fixed decals appearing to be over top of impact effects
- tweaked brightness of glowing vests and laser guns
- flashes, impacts, and explosions are now animated

Some of you have suggested that the upcoming Rocket Launcher model should be the Super Scope 6 from the SNES era, and that just may be the one we go with!

Have a good one! Stay tuned.


Jun 22, 2020: Update 32
- switched all textures over to new gradient shader system
- fixed Final Score sometimes not displaying last winning point
- fixed bug related to elevator platforms getting out of sync
- fixed timer still showing when using full screen dev mode
- fixed scope graphics staying on when swapping to helicopter
- new graphics on arcade cabinets and pinball machines


Mar 21, 2020: Update 31

+ new mode where you can mix and match play styles with helicopters vs robots which introduces time limits, quarter, and half time player swapping in the middle of the match - 2 vs 2 for example, is 2 helis vs 2 bots, then at halftime, swaps
- increased the maximum look angles for Helis from 45 to 60 degrees
- changed final kill cam to only show the last player to be killed
- fixed bug where quitting a match in under 2 seconds breaks the menu
- fixed dynamic light flashes on the helicopter twin gats not firing
- helicopter zooms now varry between different gun types
- scoreboard now shows points earned individually regardless of team
- disabled helicopters from interfering with elevator platforms
- point progression now shown on BRB screens instead of kills

I've disabled selecting Predator Mode with Bots & Helis until I can figure out how to balance the gameplay with that combination of options. In the meantime, this is the most fun update to the game yet, so check it out. :)


Feb 28, 2020: Update 30

Updates 30..
+ helicopter battle mode added to the game
- inventory now cycles over empty guns
- rainbow rounds (ammo) option
- new "moon" time of day setting
- arcade cabinet and pinball machine graphics
- added frame limit setting of 240
- compression changed to full quality for all sounds
- plus many other tweaks and fixes

Let us know your thoughts on this new Helicopter Mode and especially if you have suggestions or find any bugs! Have a great weekend :)


Feb 9, 2020: Update 29

- new map "Base Camp" with new randomization and props
- fixed graphical stacking glitch between dome and fences
- fixed left and right audio swapping in 2 player mode
- replaced a few billboards with "place your ad here"
- changed the single stairs to be wider with more top space
- RG and LT bullet particles bounce while PB bits stick
- joystick jump buttons now speed up away sounds
- bullet impact debri now more messy and random
- bullet debri force now relative to bullet damage
- cash dropped from players clean up between rounds


Jan 19, 2020: Checking In

Just letting everyone know what's going on behind the scenes. A few updates being worked on turned out to be much more work than expected, and we may put them off now to continue rolling out smaller content updates instead of whole new mechanics again.

What would you guys like to see more of in the game? Maps? Props? Let us know!

How about an ad in our game? Download this template!

Also the holiday sales were awesome! So glad you all are having fun with the game. I really appreciate the Emails and kind words. Don't forget to leave a positive review!


Nov 28, 2019: Update 28

- fixed "phantom buffers" sometimes not removing themselves after map generation
- fixed soft shadows not enabling at higher graphics presets
- applied first detail pass with many updates to textures, guns, players and objects
- glowing eyes and vests now controlled by time of day, but will stay enabled for laser tag mode, regardless
- added option to turn off dynamic lighting for flashes and lasers for slower computers
- geometry changes to a few road pieces and timing adjustment to "away" sounds
- updated "Ghost Town" map type with dirt roads to better judge where you are
- demo mode will no longer activate when taking too long to type in player names

Happy Thanksgiving!


Sep 6, 2019: Update 27

- fixed antiScreenBurn function disabling some buttons on menu
- Military Guns set aim overlays changed to more "focused" look
- added a few "attract sounds" to antiScreenBurn function
- lowered total memory allocation for lights on LT bullets
- changed all lights to auto detect memory overload of CPU
- fixed detail texture scaling on some terrain set pieces
- fixed "quit to desktop" clashing with antiScreenBurn
- increased buffer spacing between randomly gen objects
- balanced "out of ammo point deductions" in predator mode

These changes make Predator Mode much more challenging and tactical for both sides, but if you don't like them or it seems like too much, just turn on infinite ammo!

Check out the page one of our team has put together also.. wall-of-shame.

It's Friday!


Jul 5, 2019: Update 26

- Alien Announcer voices for main menu title, game start, end, and points at %50 of Score To Win
- better grouping of controller inputs on the launch screen's Input Tab for faster setups
- lowered volume of Military guns to better match the volumes of Paintball and Lasertag guns
- added an anti screen-burn function after 30 seconds of not touching the mouse at the main menu
- you can now set 1 or 2 controllers to use the screenshot function by setting primary and secondary buttons in the Input Tab
- locked aspect ratio of scoped / zoom overlays to fit inside of player views

Price will rise to $3.99 after the Steam Summer sale! Get it while it's $0.99 now!


Jun 28, 2019: Update 25

- you can now press escape during gameplay and set any player as "be right back", which allows the game to continue while they're away
- updated sniper tower structure to give more cover on the way up, plus a floor in between with more cover there
- adjusted ammo amounts for paintball and lasertag modes for those who play without 1 hit kills
- adjusted the randomization of objects for "Mountain Range" to have a little more cover starting out
- added game ending kill shot cam that shows the last player killed full screen before displaying scores
- raised the limit of how steep of a hill players can walk without climbing / jumping up it, from 45 to 60
- lasertag mode now has gear to use, but instead of a camball like the paintball mode, its a super jump
- added a dust storm to the Ghost Town map to give it a little more cover while running around
- misc scenery updates, geometry optimizations, shadow settings, and texture adjustments

It's been difficult to grab screenshots that include all of the changes the game has gone through, but I've updated the media page with some I think are pretty good, so check those out.

Working on grenades and exploding heads!


Jun 15, 2019: Update 24
- fixed impact sounds occasionally not playing
- disabled reloading and switching weapons while gun down and running
- default score to win for 1v1 sets to 5
- predators now get 3 times the ammo too
- smoke and sparks fly out of neck when killed
- walk speed now slows while aiming
- less densely wooded trees in Ghost Town
- adjusted the light for "sun" (time of day) so as not to taint player colors
- made it so nothing generates too closely to spawn areas
- new map type "mountain range" with a watch tower in the middle and an automatic lift
- random generation of objects now less likely to spawn too close to each other


Jun 7, 2019: Update 23

- floor time on money dropped before collection enabled shortened from 5 seconds to 1
- improved bullet tracers to better gauge shots, which previously caused players to judge incorrectly where the bullet was traveling (may remove current tracer mechanic for newer "tight with the bullet" 3D ones if not satisfied)
- gun sounds and player interactions now split stereo to the side of the screen they're on
- various optimizations resulting in much smoother animations, especially when set to 120fps
- gun damage for LT changed to 50 and PB to 25, still defaults to 1 hit kills otherwise
- muzzle flashes, smoke and particle adjustments and randomization changes
- added option to configure aim sensitivity independently from look sensitivity
- enabled the "config" button on the main menu
- added new mechanic "clutch turning" via run button
- removed temp capsule graphic for bullets and replaced with bullet model
- bullet impact sounds added, which also follow the new stereo splitting mechanics


May 31, 2019: Update 22

- new ad types and placements (in-game ad space pricing and conditions now available)
- bullet impacts now splat paint and laser particles onto walls and nearby objects and shoot puffs of smoke and debris for military guns
- new large background set pieces randomly generate with every map change, making distanced shots easier to gauge while greatly expanding the feel of environments
- new cash drop mechanic, for every kill the player drops cash you can collect to show everyone you're no camper

Plus so many other adjustments, changes, and improvements that we need to take a whole new set of screenshots for the Steam store!

File Download: adstemplate.psd (photoshop)


May 20, 2019: Update 21

- added face masks to player models
- def colors to Lime Magenta Orange Aqua
- increased highscore entries to 6 each
- swapped out Military Gun sounds
- button to remove highscore duplicates


May 16, 2019: Update 20

- Frame Limiter now saves / loads on start along with player names and colors
- all-time high scores page added to menu with ability to clear it at any time

Will work on tracking / displaying more actions later.


May 11, 2019: Update 19

- increased clips and ammo for Military Guns
- player names / colors now save / load on start
- fixed broken 2 player mode's scoreboards
- controller look / aim precision increased

Working on saving / loading all-time high scores. There will be a page in the game that displays names, dates, and achievements of players. We'll start out with "highest accuracies", "longest shots", and "most time played". It'll show the top player in each category but also 3 runner-ups underneath.


May 3, 2019: Update 18

- fixed being able to double reloading sounds
- tweaked Military Gun sounds to duck hit sounds
- added "quit to desktop" button to main menu
- guns now hide while reloading or restocking
- fixed reloading issue with scroll mouses
- added "TP" for Team Points in all team modes
- choosing Teams or Predators now done on screen
- many other adjustments and optimizations


Apr 19, 2019: Update 17

- Military Guns (auto, pistol, rifle) set
- Laser Tag tracers now glow with shots


Apr 6, 2019: Update 16
- added Spawn On Pos of partner in Teams Mode
- fixed sun lighting on gun models not showing
- added foliage randomization test as flowers
- new random map type / location "Ghost Town"
- plus many other misc adjustments / changes


Mar 23, 2019: Update 15

It's Saturday night. Time to eat, drink, scream and laugh..

- added Predator Mode (3 vs 1)
- fixed random bullet ricochets
- added zoom to Laser Tag guns
- improved LT enviro lighting
- option to choose time of day
- cleaner sharper crosshairs
- added scoped flash overlays
- 2 new map location types

We changed the environment lighting and coloring for Night map / Laser Tag matches. Let us know if you liked the "misty fog" look from before because we might add that as a "weather" option, later on. Have any suggestions for location / scenario map types? Send us an Email.

Have fun!


Mar 13, 2019: Site Updates

- updated the Mission Page with a "In The Works 2019" section
- added random development pictures to the Media Gallery
- added more information to the Help page

Stay tuned for Game Update 15.


Mar 7, 2019: Update 14

- 2v2 Mode (points, colors, and spawn sharing)
- changed how options are displayed in main menu
- adjusted LT sound to be a little less punchy
- video frame capture rate now uses FPS Limiter
- fixed UFO casting giant shadows onto the map
- fixed LT shots sometimes passing through players
- scoreboard now tracks / shows your longest shot

What's next?!


Feb 24, 2019: Update 13

- Laser Tag mode added

New guns, effects, graphics, sounds, etc.


Feb 16, 2019: Update 12

- static deathcams now follow faces instead
- jumping more realistic (no "air walking")
- options to limit frames per second for much better performance and consistency
- you can also adjust graphics quality in-game. use home / end, page up / down, on keyboard.
- option to set controller sensitivities
- changed joystick identifier to an image

Check if this is ok. We want to start adding new map types and game modes!


Feb 10, 2019: Update 11

- ballcams are now a trigger, kills with ballcams are worth 2 points, and ballcams restock with "out of ammo"
- when "infinite ammo" and "ball cams" are both on, ballcams restock at 5 seconds
- option to disable use of ballcams
- disabling "head cams" option now causes deathcam to follow player who shot you
- cleaned and re-adjusted sounds

Don't forget to set a button for the new "gear_use" triggers! I put them at the bottom of the "input" tab list. The little dot next to your ammo is the ballcam indicator. There's no point penalty for using it.


Jan 27, 2019: Choose

We're getting some mixed feedback on what the next update should be. If you'd like to help us decide, please send us an Email.

Choices are..
- Teams / 2 VS 2 Mode
- Controller Sensitivities
- Players VS Bots
- Single Player Targets
- Laser Tag Mode
- More Sounds

Progress on the War Games update is at a good 50% but based on feedback I think it's best to hold off until we know which direction to go in. We're all very limited on time and have yet to generate enough revenue to expand the team, so, we'll have to continue to do things 1 at a time.

So glad you guys are having fun with the game! Stay tuned for more!


Jan 8, 2019: Update 10

- added cones to warn of spawn protection zones
- fixed muzzle flashes staying on after dying
- slightly improved overall framerate of the game
- 3 channels of audio compression to save your ears
- stopped scoreboard from updating after game over
- fixed camera glitch from dying during ballcam

Now that the game is running well, we're going to start working on new features. Setting controller sensitivities and adding Teams Mode seem to be the top requests.


Nov 8, 2018: Update 9

- fixed "floating muzzle flash" glitch
- fixed formatting issue in scoreboards
- fixed other ballCams on in fullscreen
- cleaned up temporary texts on models
- added a few more objects to randoms
- added button for generating new maps
- added protection against spawn campers
- updated in-game product placements

High Impact Flix
Kevin Kangas


Nov 2, 2018: Update 8

- now available for Linux and Mac
- constrained ballCam orientations
- end of game now displays a scoreboard with performance and statistics info

Last update at this price!


Oct 27, 2018: Update 7

- camera stays active while heads fly off
- option to toggle off headcams if dizzy which will show a static overhead camera instead
- many bug fixes and stability tweaks

YouTube Video


Oct 23, 2018: Update 6

- replaced player models with androids
- paint now spatters before marking
- shot trails now less obstructive
- menu now more cinematic at start
- players now blow apart when out


Oct 18, 2018: Update 5

- option to set One Hit Kills
- option to set Infinite Ammo
- option to set Score To Win
- KD stats display above name
- disabled shooting while out
- now displays who shot you
- sounds for hits and outs


Oct 12, 2018: Update 4

- trails added to paintballs to help with aiming
- you can now aim your gun 45 and center of barrel
- aiming sensitivity lowers to 1 half while aiming
- adjusted the size of screen information texts
- changed the "gun down" action into a hold button
- paintball collisions fixed regardless of framerate
- increased the angles you can shoot from to 45s
- cleaned up naming and ordering of button inputs
- added reminders to the map of what's coming


Oct 9, 2018: Update 3

- added notes to launch screen
- cam time for last shot extended
- choose your own player colors

All known controller issues resolved.


Oct 4, 2018: Update 2

- adjusted controller deadzones and sensitivities which should fix "drifting" issues
- numpad keys now control the games volume: 0 . 1 2 3 (zero max 25% 50% 75%)
- replaced walking and jumping sounds with more subtle and softer recordings
- running out of ammo now causes you to lose 1 point and restocks your gun
- updated the game's manual (on website) to help with configuring controllers

Reloading will work differently in Death Match games. This method is only for Paintball.


Sep 28, 2018: Update 1

- added ability to play in 2 player mode

Click "START 2P" at the bottom of the main menu to activate. Don't forget to configure your controllers from the input tab! See game manual for Configuration / Hidden Controls / Buttons.

Keyboard and mouse against a joystick player ?

In-game, on the keyboard, press the top row number of the player you want to control.


Sep 27, 2018: Go Time!

CPGN has officially launched! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and stories with us! Any feedback is greatly appreciated and will be used to prioritize what gets added to the game next. So far it looks like switching from 4 to 2 players is at the top!


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