Couch Party Game Night

The one and only retro competitive eSports grade 4 player local splitscreen
multiplayer with gameplay mechanics years ahead of AAA shooters!



Changelog (date / smallest to biggest)
2022 09 29
- added some new textures plus more model geometry optimizations
- reworked splitscreen audio code to cut "audio stacking" spikes
-- added breakable glass physics and generation systems to maps
--- reworked map generation code so maps look naturally designed

2022 09 23
- misc graphical tweaks throughout
- model geometry optimizations
- new randomization pieces for maps
- tree physics for junkland map
-- new map testing type "neighborhood"
--- making tons of new props for big update

2022 09 06
- added controller prompt at the start of TP mode
- added effects (no dmg) for higher jump and fall landings
- added failsafe for TP AI sometimes escaping maps
- changed audio to pause instead of playing out the last sample
- fixed LT shots sometimes staying lit longer than normal
- fixed MnKB switches causing BRB players to drop
- fixed zapper showing after heli swapping
-- misc code fixes and optimizations

2022 08 20
Small update for now just to let everyone know that the game hasn't been abandoned and never will be. Like I said before, this was and is a life-long passion project that continues to grow, even in cases where we get a little too busy with our day jobs and disappear for awhile! We could work on it full-time if we had the funding but so far sales have only slowed and investors only want to rip us off still. This project will reach standing ovation with or without them. Gamers who fell in love with the golden era of gaming will always have CPGN to look forward to!
- added separate volumes for explosives and adjusted them
- changed default frame rate config to sync with disp device
- changed vol spam damping system to only affect gun fire
- enabled keyboard and mouse autom for target practice mode
- fixed ballCams getting stuck on without a manual cancel

2022 03 25
Added music to a folder in the game's dir that's taken too long to add to the in-game audio system (still in the works) so people can enjoy without waiting. There will be more artists later to add to the exclusive and unreleased (until now) Myzery track, such as DJ Fallout R, and Samson!
- added TP Ai char "RedFall Killer" with knife attack
- changed type of Ai allowed to spawn in MP games to Orbs only

2022 03 04
- added slight delay between TP melees & follow animations
- changed ammo from Ai to ignore force & drop straight down
- changed corpse to stay in place while head still moves
- changed money spawns from deaths to corpse resting location
- changed points for shooting "hammy" in the eyeballs to X7
- fixed bullet decal stretching when hitting some targets
-- changed dropped guns to stay now when popping up ammo

2022 02 27
- TP exploders now only cause 48 dmg instead of 100
- TP melee hits now show dmg direction like bullets do
- disabled TP Ai from shooting while falling from UFO
- disabled burst shots in single player (only 1 camera)
- fixed BRB button sometimes showing behind esc menu
- fixed TP animation flickering on moving melee hits
-- adjusted all TP animation frames to be more centered

2022 02 25
- changed Murder Ball mode to auto select a time limit of 10
- changed default selected aim sens to "slow" (most common set)
- cleaned up TP sprite quality and added a few graphical details
- fixed time limit getting stuck at 5 minutes when leaving TP mode
-- added 2 new Ai chars to Target Practice mode (gungirl & batman)

2022 02 19
- TP enemies that can shoot now have muzzle flashes
- TP enemy type 2 now has a death sound on suicide kills
- fixed Ai bullets not applying force
- fixed Ai walking through fences
- fixed volume differences in gun shots when adding Ai to MP modes
-- TP mode now displays points on each shot hit (up to 4 in a row)
-- changed TP key to disable cheating by adding extra targets

2022 02 16
- fixed double ammo boxes getting dropped by Ai
- fixed not being able to aim in slow motion devMode
- fixed targets spawning too fast in other modes
-- rockets and grenades now blow apart Ai
-- smokes now block line of sight for Ai
-- targets can now take aim and shoot
--- new boss type added to TP mode

2022 02 14
- added extra tiers for look and aim sensitivities in config menu (faster & slower)
- fixed a bug where you could change maps to start a game without marking a player
- fixed last animation frame of TP targets not setting to be the frame to explode
- fixed setting not applying to targets if you enable them in a match with 1HKs
-- changed TP drop speed for 1HKs to once a second (still every 5 normally)
-- changed Target Practice distance tracking from "killshots" to "target hits"
-- changed bullet velocity of LGR set's NZ pistol to match specs of RG bullets

2022 02 13
New single player only target practice mode where youre surrounded by animated 2d soldier sprites trying to kill you while you earn points based off the shots you land that multiply by distance of the shot before the 5 minute timer runs out. there will be expansion of this mode heavily with more characters, different behaviors, types of attacks, and recorded voice lines. this was a lot of work, but its so fun to play with!

2022 02 06
- added new structures & generators to "random" map type (some TF2 feels)
- testing: new burst shot mode (F9 caps all screens then each player's)
-- system wide replacement textures (all new sets in place of temps)

2022 01 22
- adjusted internal memory management code for long gameplay sessions
- ballCams now only linger when hitting players (otherwise instant off)
- bot feet now have checkerboard graphics so you can see them rolling
- changed Murder Ball graphics to a soccer ball pattern just because
- platform elevators now seal smoothly to the floors they raise up to
-- increased rate of fire for lightGunRetro's zapper gun while aiming
-- requested: testing out clutch turning that doesnt affect vert sens

2022 01 15
- added text effect to flash along with every emptyClip tick sound
- added text under points display to show you have the Murder Ball
- adjusted controller sensitivities for highs & lows to most used
- changed Murder Ball icon from a ball to a more "targeted" look
- changed game timer to double its size for last 10 second counts
- fixed FreeCam sometimes not freezing player gravity in mid-air
- fixed being able to move a player assigned to MnKB with gamepad
- fixed countdown text between helicopter swaps staying 2x size
- fixed janky movement on Murder Ball holding & brightened color
- fixed rare GamePad vs MouseKeyboard glitch that started wacky
- fixed smoke grenades counting as shotsFired as they dont do dmg
- removed 2nd "game over" from end sequence for cleaner scoreboard
- requested: explosv dmg back to counting as shotsHit for accuracy

2022 01 07
- adjusted PB ballCam timing movement & position for seamless execution
- adjusted shadows to be a little cleaner & much lighter on gfx memory
- fixed slight differences in controller sensitivities for 4K/120 setups
- requested: using old handicap methods (KDRs < 1.0 boost, > 3.0 delay)
-- changed Murder Ball to give a point every 10 seconds instead of 5

2021 12 24
- changed distance to detect pickups for money and ammo to 2x its size
- changed time to pick up money and ammo drops from 1 to 2.5 minutes
- disabled being able to go away for 1v1 games (pointless, just pause)
- fixed heli swaps bringing a player back automatically from being away
- fixed players sometimes spawning into the void when their buddy's away
-- Bots & Helz mode now displays an alert when switching to helicopters
--- added new "Murder Ball" game mode (every 5s holding gives a point)

2021 12 17
- BRB screens now count & display how long that player's been taking a dump
- changed corpse models to stay an extra 5 seconds after dyn player respawns
- changed graphics presets to only 3 tiers (bare ass, normal, maximum butter)
- orbs AI now auto remove themselves if overlapping with other orbs near by
- player check marks now visible for DM to make their usage more obvious
-- testing: orbs AI can now kill you kamikaze style (plus a 1p mode test)

2021 12 10
- changed handicaps to never apply more than 5 sec of respawn to time sensitive matches
- moved 10 sec respawns from Team Games to handicap KDRs over 3 with half of Score To Win
- player color selections now fully unfold so no one has to scroll to find what they want
-- added a FreeCam photo mode to capture "bullet time" pics & vidz (press F6, use MnKB)

2021 12 03
- fixed not being able to cancel ballCams for players that switched to mouse & keyboard controls
- trees now have inner transparent graphics for when Ball and Final Kill Cams pass through them
-- changed handicap boosters to only apply to players with less than half of Score To Win points
-- updated buddy tracking sys icons with fading distance indicators (far is dull, close is bright)
--- Buddy Spawns now check if enemy team near (if so, spawns to safety. if not, spawns on buddy)

2021 11 29
- changed default startup weapons to Lightgun Retros (rocket launcher, pistol, smoke grenade)
- removed unused toggle to turn off special abilities (ballCams & superJumps) for PB & LT guns
- switching back from Predator Mode now reloads the default recommended settings for other modes
-- added the ability to cancel / disable Ball Cams mid-flight by pressing Gear Use a 2nd time
-- changed explosives to act as a concussion effect when behind walls or cover (does 0 damage)

2021 11 24
- added menu logic switches for certain items
- added player colors to BRB info screen texts
-- handicap help now does double damage too
--- added buddy UI tracking sys for team games

2021 11 15
- moved killstreaks to top and changed display to stay on while streaking 3+
- predator mode now disables ammo drops when active for extra play balancing (only 1 source of ammo for team, but 3 for pred. inf ammo still an option.)
-- added optional Health Regeneration mechanics and fx (config menu toggle)

2021 11 13
- fixed snpr tower platform sensor
- fixed laser gfx sticking to edges
- fixed rare color loading glitch
- particle emitter tweaks
-- added killstreak tracking and texts
-- added a volume-spam damping system

2021 11 06
- changed game timer countdowns to drop the leading zeros if under 1 min (better readability)
- changed laser sights for LT and SS6 to appear on trees while bullets still pass through
- misc tweaks to menus and buttons dealing with map generation timing and visibility
- removed player clipping on window openings so helicopters can fit / fly through

2021 10 31
- changed accuracy rating to include only direct grenade (smoke, hand, and rocket) hits
- changed new final kill cam to just dolly straight back but without tracking flying heads
- fixed respawns triggering twice in heli vs bots mode when dying just before switching
-- fixed players getting stuck on geometry when spawning in to "junk land" map

2021 10 29
- changed render timings of bullets and trails for aiming down sights
- corpses now get cleaned up along with other dropped items in the map
- fixed ammo drops option sometimes not taking in menu config settings
- fixed jittery UFO when setting game to 30 frames per second
-- changed longest killshots to record avg killshot distances instead
-- final kill cam now more cinematic (slow motion backwards dolly)

2021 10 05
- fixed points exploit when switching guns in 1HKs mode

2021 09 10
- fixed 2 gun sets (Snipers Only & Duty Calls) getting stuck holding grenades when gun clips empty
- reverted explosive kill radius back to 5 meters
-- countdown added to extra 5 secs of Buddy Spawn waits

2021 08 28
- raised rate of Duty Calls auto damage from 10 to 25 so that it now takes only 4 shots to kill instead of 10
-- One Hit Kills enabled for Real Guns & Lightgun Retros (keeps balance by points based on gun used to kill)

2021 07 31
- adjusted grenades only ammo count to 150
- readjusted graphics level presets

2021 06 29
- balcony pieces added to "base camp" buildings
- platforms now stay up / closed when player near by
-- new generators and dense new test map "random"

2021 05 24
- fixed aim-throw grenade flashing for pairs
- fixed reload amount glitch for ammo pickups
- orbs line of sight now blocked by trees
-- added Predator Mode specific point messages
-- changed 2v2 buddy spawns from 5 to 10 secs

2021 05 22
- fixed visual grenade glitch with reloads
- increased UFO climb speed for dropping orbs
- new crosshairs and flash for paired gun sets
-- new mode: Duty Calls (autos and nades)

2021 05 16
- changed corpse stay time from 5 to 10 seconds
- fixed heli muzzle flashes for grenade shots
- fixed heli smokes not firing for grenades only
- fixed reload clip amounts getting shorted
-- heli collision model now includes gun mounts

2021 05 09
- new textures: cinder blocks, dirt, lab walls
- testing: junkland map with new random types
- testing: tree physics / bullet passing
-- new mode: Snipers Only (with smokes)

2021 04 16
- changed smoke grenade tracers to streamers
- changed tracers for rockets to transp smoke
- misc texture adjustments and code polishing
-- requested: Grenades Only a permanent mode

2021 04 10
- adjusted UI name color highlightings
- dynLights option now applies to LGR guns set too
- fixed destroyed orbs sometimes ignoring explosive forces
- menu logic for either infinite or dropped ammo
-- changed F11 to take 1 sec burst shots instead of video

2021 03 27
- final kill cam sounds get centered when active
- misc code optimizations for too much to list
-- bonus point ballCam kills now come with applause

2021 03 23
- fixed 3D hit detection flickers
- fixed menu spacing in config page
- optimized particle debris physics
-- changed both hit sound types to metal

2021 03 21
- added 2nd damage sound to relay handiboosts
- ballCam cameras now use fog color settings
- increased range to pick up dropped items
- misc dynamic respawn code optimizations
- vert look range for bots increased to 60d
-- nostalgic sounds added to BRB buttons
-- testing: 3D UI hit source direction arrows
--- ammo drop / pickup mechanic and settings

2021 03 11
- fixed UI sometimes not displaying after death while scoping
- fixed grenade showing in hand when out of ammo or turning to heli
- fixed weapon switch jamming after turning back to bots
- increased all explosives damage radius by 1 meter
- removed bullet drop to NZ to match balance of the RL
-- new handicap config option that gives extra health and ammo to players that drop below a KDR of 1.0
--- respawns now dynamically place you in the safest corner of the map at the time of spawning

2021 02 26
- NZ now has it's own aim sights overlay
- graphical adjustments to all crosshairs
- infinite ammo and one hit kills now always display
- misc texture adjustments to random props
-- testing: Orb AI (dn arrow to activate, right to enable line of sight, left and up turn off)


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