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A simple solution to Sony's "PSN Name Change" problem.
Sony, you're awesome. You add new features to PSN all the time! It's as simple as adding a new line of code.

Let's say your databases and or all games that display or use PSN IDs are accessed with a command of "PSN-ID:".

So add a new command, and call it "PSN-ID-DYNAMIC:", and make it so anyone can put whatever it is they want there, at any time.

The old "PSN-ID" would remain. If my PSN ID is "coolguy". In your database it would read "PSN-ID: coolguy" (original ID) for you to see, and then also "PSN-ID-DYNAMIC: Dino Turds 2015" (the new ID).

If this is confusing to anyone.. think about how on your PSN profile, you can add any text you want in your "about me" section. Or changing your avatar. Same thing!

The only thing that requires change, is how or when the new function is accessed. No games would have to be updated, because you could substitute any call to the old command the same exact way, only once it's called, it grabs further information, which would be the new command, with it.

Game says "Display that PSN ID!" the PS4 system says "No problem! Here's how we do that now!" and the new ID is displayed.

This fixes the problem of their database records, peoples' purchasing information, and even "griefing" by changing names because their original ID is still a part of their account.

If I got banned for being an asshole for example, it wouldn't matter how many times I changed my ID, because my "base ID" you could call it, will always identify me.

If someone reports that ID, even if it's a new 1, it would return the same reported "base ID" (whether or not the player knows it) and I'm gone.

That's it! I'll bet everyone who codes came up with something similar when they heard this! There is no excuse why this can't be done.


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